Beyond two decades, Mark H. Savel, now Mark H. Savel Architects, Inc. (savel) has attracted a diversity of clients in search of practicality, performance, and endurance, in their architecture, planning and forensic services.

savel is a west coast architectural practice based in Los Angeles, with projects utilizing technology and insight in their design while exploiting creative and old-school methodologies to enhance and improve building performance and reduce environmental impacts. Current projects are embarking on sustainability with material recycling, photovoltaic solar systems, and geothermal technologies. As a small and specialized practice, savel has acquired the respect of the architectural and construction community leading to a distinctive client base that includes private owners, corporations, real estate development companies, and leading architectural firms.

Current clients include the Regents of California, State of California, Community Associations, Insurance Companies, Real Estate Developers, and Homeowners. savel's varied project experience and expanding knowledge of design and construction standards has continued to position savel uniquely in the profession.